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Welcome to FLAp, a film, literature, and art podcast brought to you by AJ-Images Media Productions (! On this channel, we will bring to you lectures and audio and video (live) discussions about different topics related to film, literature, and art. Content will range from overviews such as on film history, the history of German literature and language, and art history to specific topics FLAp's host Andrea Oberheiden-Brent and co-host Jens J. Reinke are passionate about. Look forward to episodes on Al Jolson, Wes Anderson, Robin Williams, the relationship between story and cinematogrophy, as well as on rare and iconic silent films. We are always looking for guests to participate in our shows. If you have topic suggestions or if you would like to be part of an upcoming topic, please contact us. You can find announcements and contact info here. You may also visit us on Facebook and Twitter as well as on our Youtube channel. You will find us, let us find you!
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Welcome to FLAp, a film, literature, and art podcast which is brought to you by AJ-Images Media Productions (

Look forward to lectures and (live) discussion audio and video episodes on selected films from the silent era to modern blockbusters. Our first episode is dedicated to the late Robin Williams in which we will discuss the actor's last dramatic role in Boulevard (2014).

We are always looking for people who would like to participate in our FLAp episodes, either live or pre-recorded. Feel free to make topic suggestions. Upcoming shows you might like to participate in will be announced here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as on our Youtube channel. You will find us, let us find you! You can also write to

Nov 24, 2017

In this episode we analyze Theodor Storm's "Der Schimmelreiter"/"The Rider on the White Horse" (1888). As typical for novels of this literary period, we take a look at the relationship of the individual and society, the role of nature, the role of the woman and symbolic meanings. Language: German

Nov 24, 2017

The second episode dealing with the literature period of German Realism focuses on Theodor Fontane and his novel "Effi Briest". Language: German

Nov 22, 2017

This audio episode of FLAp Podcast is the beginning of a series of German audio episodes on German literature. FLAp Podcast had a 1,5-year-long break due to personal reasons of its host Andrea. We are now back with this German literature audio series before FLAp Podcast will return to its original live video episodes with interviews, discussions etc. 

Our first episode on German poetic Realism focuses on the cultural and political premises for this particular literature period and mentions its characteristics.